Thursday, June 1, 2017

Florestano Di Fausto

[Italia] (b 1890/d 1965)

Florestano Di Fausto  was an Italian architect, engineer and politician who is best known for his building designs in the Italian overseas territories around the Mediterranean. He is considered the most important colonial architect of the Fascist age in Italy and has been described as the "architect of the Mediterranean". Uncontested protagonist of the architectural scene first in the Italian Islands of the Aegean and then in Italian Libya, he was gifted with a remarkable preparation combined with consummate skills, which allowed him to master and to use indifferently and in any geographical context the most diverse architectural styles, swinging between eclecticism and rationalism. His legacy, long neglected, has been highlighted since the 1990s. (...) Born in Rocca Canterano, a town near Rome, Florestano Di Fausto studied in Rome, first getting the Laurea in Architecture at the Accademia di belle Arti, and then (1922) in civil Engineering."


Dodecanese Islands 1929 "King of Italy's visit to the Aegean Islands" (9,5,5) [Litho (Bestelli & Tuminelli, Milan)(GPWRome)] Sc(15,...,23)

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