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This is a Blog about Stamp Designers and their stamps..
I have started this work in July 2014, so it is very 'fresh' and Incomplete.. With time , the existing posts will be completed and new ones will be opened to latter completion... 

To describe a stamp designed by one of the Artists , I use the following form:

{Country} {Year} "name of the series" (number of stamps, number of different designs,number of stamps designed by Our Artist) [Engr (Engraver)][Printing mode][Print (company)] Sc(only the Sc codes of the stamps designed by the Artist)

Please Remember that if a series has 4 stamps and 2 different designs, the main goal is to present the 2 designs..(Overprints and Surcharges counts as the Original design...) If we have the complete series , better!!..

You can access the Artists by 1) the Menu at the top ( press Countries, choose a country and then choose an Artist...)[only Finished Posts] 2) The Labels at your right (' Stamp Designers') , where you will find all there is until now... 3) The Blog Archive where you have the time divided by weeks and You can access the post's  I have done in each of the weeks... It is your choice..
If you want to search the blog with just one name (last name..) or want info about an engraver, please use the Search Tool , in Your Upper Left.. It is quite useful...

When we Go to the Country Page and choose a country, a new post appear with the Designers of that country... At the Left of the Designer name always is the Country Code.. sometimes at the right of Designer name is another Country Name (In this case the Artist has a 2nd country of adoption .. a new Nationality..) [ if this Country Name is in Green , then we know that the Designer has made stamps fro that Country.. several of these Green country codes could exist..]


After thinking for a few days, I came to the conclusion , that to accept contributions from the viewers of the blog is a 'good Politics'.. so if you want to write posts about stamps designers of your own country, please contact me ... but Remember , the posts have to be similar to this design I have adopted.. (date of birth and death/photo/small biography/data of the series and stamps designed by our artist...[always have links or just info about the sources of photos and biography's])

[Updated 02/06/2016] 
After almost two years of work in this Blog, I became aware of a doubt in people's minds.. What is effectively a Stamp Designer?? 
Back in the XIX century , the Designer of the stamp was always the man who illustrates the vignette... labels, frames  and vignette were "made" as one single entity. by the same man, by two some times.. 
As times goes by , and the necessity of for example make a series about a famous painter and his works,the vignette is a famous work of the Artist we want to celebrate , but that Artist can not be the Stamp Designer ... we all agree that a stamp with the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo DA Vinci is not designed by Leonardo Da Vinci !! the man is dead for Centuries..! The designer is in my opinion ,and this is important , in my opinion, the man who decide where will the labels , frames and illustration be placed.... and why?? because today, we are dealing with stamps made , only with photos, and the Stamp Designer could not be the man who took the photos.. 
It is a complex subject, because this definition changed with time , but the only one that is accepted in all time frames is this :  the stamp designer is the man who decides where to put the vignette , frames and labels, how to displace them in the small space of a stamp, the man who idealize the stamp...

All this research work needs a continuous investment in the purchase of catalogs and the necessary fee's for the usage of some research sites.. If you like the blog and want to contribute with some monetary help, please do, using the "Donate" Paypal button at the bottom of the Blog's Layout...

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  1. Hello! I really like your website and I think you do a good and useful job for all philatelists around the world. Best regards! Catalin

    1. Thank you for your kind Words and support..It is sometimes a hard work, with lots of research for biography's, photo's and above all to follow the trail of these Artists that worked for several countries at the same time.. but the messages I have received in such a short time kept me in the right way even knowing that this is a work for the rest of my life...Thank you again for your comment!!

  2. Hola: Muchas gracias por tus comentarios.en el Blog El Salón de Cris
    Puedes conocer más datos sobre los grabadores de los sellos españoles en este enlace

  3. Great work. Sharing this on line is very much appreciated.

  4. I discovered you blog today. Very nice! I appreciate the work you put in it. I am going to start to branch out with my collecting because of your work. Thank you!