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Euro Notes Exhibition (Competing notes of the Contest of 1996)

 Euro Notes and Coins 

Portuguese Wood Engravers and Illustrators (In Portuguese)

HR Harmer Spring Auction 2014

Portuguese India Bank Notes and Coins (1912/1961) (In Portuguese)

Washington DC Machine Slogan Cancellations Catalog

The United States Postage stamps of the XX Century (Vol. III)

Postmarks and Cancellations (An Overview) 

Soviet Union Postage stamp Advertising Labels (1923/1927)

Small presentation about ' 2010 International Year of Biodiversity '

Stamps and Postal History of the World [Stanley Gibbons]

The 'Pop' Century : History of Portuguese Design in the XX Century (In Portuguese)

The 50's : Modernization of the 'Bureau of Engraving and Printing'

Herman Herbert Schwartz  / The Greatest Canadian stamp Designer

'A Postage Stamp History of the Atom (Part II)

St. Helena Postal history (1677/1903)

The New Zealand 'Smiling Boy' Health Stamps of 1931

Chemistry on stamps

Thailand Stamps from 1883

Danish Postage stamps and National Identity (1940/1945)

The Trans Mississippi Issue (1898 USA)

The stamps of the Series 1902 (USA)

The Zemstvo Mail (Russia) [In English and Russian]

The Philatelic Record ( Jan / Dec 1901) 

Italian Perfins (In English )

The Buenos Aires stamps (Book from 1925)

The First  Voyage of Graf  Zeppelin to South America 1930 (Complete Book / in Spanish)

WWI - The Parcels Service (Belgium Parcels stamps)

'Le Maghrebophila' (Algeria,Morocco,Tunisia) Nº of December 2017 (In French)

Ecuadorian Philatelic Association (July 2015)

Manchukuo Stamps

Commonwealth of Australia/ The Line Engraved Issues of 1914 and the Essays, Die and Plate Proofs of the Georgian 1d

catalogues illustres des salons de Paris 1879/1907 (EXCELLENT)

Soviet Posters / 2nd Half of the 20's and early 30's

Prints abound in Paris 1890's

Great Article about the Cuban 1898 Alfonso XIII stamps

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