Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Giuseppe Rondini [1st Part Italy (1934/1936) ]

[Italy] (b 1881/d 1955)

Giuseppe Rondini was born in Sicily... the world of painting was presented to him by the Sicilian painter Lojacono..he arrived at Rome, where he attended classes at the Fine Arts Free Institute, where he met some of the greatest  Italian Artists of those days...After the death of his wife , the soprano Ulderica Persichini , he entered in a period of deep depression that led him to abandon the highlight and the company of his friends... it was during this period that he met the quiet and beauty of the Grottaferrata Monastery, surrounded by Nature and silence...on December 1938 , Giuseppe entered the Religious community and "devoted his Art to God"...he continued to paint in the Abbey until his death due to a sudden Heart Attack in 1955...


Italy 1934 "Military Medal Centenary" (11,10,10) [Photo] Sc(331,...,341) [ images credit of Stampworld ]

Italy 1934 "AIR / Military Medal Centenary" (7,5,5) [Photo] Sc(C66,...,C72) [ images credit of Stampworld ]

Italy 1934 "Express Mail/ Military Medal Centenary" (2,1) [Photo] Sc(CE9)

Italy 1934 "AIR / Rome Mogadiscio Flight and King of Italy's Visit to Italian Somaliland" (6,1) [Photo] Sc(C73,...,C78)

Italy 1935 "Death Centenary of Vincenzo Bellini (Composer)" (6,3,3) [Photo] Sc(349,...,354) [ images credit of Stampworld ]

Italy 1935 "Air / Death Centenary of Vincenzo Bellini (Composer)" (5,3,3) [Photo] Sc(C79,...,C83) [ images credit of Stampworld ]

Italy 1936 "2000 Anniversary of the Birth of Horace" (8,7,7) [Photo] Sc(359,...,366) [ images credit of Stampworld ]

Italy 1936 "AIR / 2000 Anniversary of the Birth of Horace"  (5,4,4) [Photo] Sc(C84,...,C88)

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