Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Leon Schnell

[Germany] (b 1888/d 1961)

Leon Schnell is best known by his etchings and Engravings...all of the listed stamps are good and solid proofs of his Engraving Expertise  ...


Germany (Berlin) 1950 "Re-establishment of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra" (2,2,1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9NB5)

Germany (Berlin) 1951 "Death Centenary of Lortzing" (1) [Leon Schnell)[Recess] Sc(9N69)

Germany (Berlin) 1951 "Freedom Bell" (5,1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N70,...,9N74)

Germany (Berlin) 1951 "Stamp Day" (2,1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9Nb6,9Nb7)

Germany (Berlin) 1952 "125th Anniversary of the Death of Beethoven" (1) [Leon Schnell)[Recess] Sc(9N80)

Germany (Berlin) 1954 "Death of Ernst Reuter (Mayor of West Berlin)" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N104)

Germany (Berlin) 1954 "1st Anniversary of the Death of Richard Strauss" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N111)

Germany (Berlin) 1954 "Death Centenary of A. Borsig (Industrialist)" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N112)

Germany (Berlin) 1955 "1st Anniversary of the Death of Furtwangler" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N115)

Germany (Berlin) 1956 "10th Death Anniversary of Lincke" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N142)

Germany (Berlin) 1957 "Mother's Convalescence Fund" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9NB20)

Germany (Berlin) 1958 "1st Anniversary of the Death of Burgomaster Otto Suhr" (1) [Engr (Leon Schnell)][Recess] Sc(9N164)

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