Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Antonin Brefort-Porche

[France] (b 1869/d 1923)

in 1900 Antonin Brefort-Porché finished his studies in the Paris Fine Arts School.. Living in Tunis , he started his own exhibitions in 1903 and traveled through the South of Tunisia during 1911 and in Morocco , especially in Tanger, in 1913...He worked as Drawing Professor in the 'Carnot Lycee' of Tunis , but in 1918 he was nominated to work in Monaco... He is mainly recognized by his paintings with Marine Scenarios and  Landscapes...  


Monaco 1924/1933 "Prince Louis and Various Designs" (33,4,1) [Die Engraver (G. Daussy)][Typo] Sc(60,...,64) 

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