Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emil Fuchs

[Austria][USA] (b 1866/d 1929)

" He was born in Vienna on 9 August 1866. During his years in Austria, Germany and Rome he was a sculptor and medallist who eventually began to study painting as well. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna ; he then attended the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin and from 1891 to 1897 he was in Rome, having won the German Prix de Rome in 1891;  (...) From 1897 to 1915 his address was in London where he regularly met with the artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He had been mainly a sculptor and medalist, but he began oil painting, especially portraiture in oils, in 1897; (...)  He exhibited works at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1898 and he taught there., working also on commissions,  including portraits for Queen Victoria and Edward VII ; his portraits became fashionable among various patrons from the aristocracy and high society. He was honored with the Royal Victorian Order (MVO) in 1909. While in England he was employed by the Birmingham Mint.  By 1905 he had been teaching at Paris, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, and Rome and was making winter trips to the United States. Fuchs began going to the United States in 1905, primarily to paint portraits of wealthy socialites. In 1915 during World War I, "a wave of anti-German sentiment" swept England so, to escape it he moved permanently to New York , producing more works there and offering assistance with the war effort. He became a US citizen in 1924. He had surgery for cancer in 1928, and in anticipation of a death with great suffering he shot himself at the Hotel des Artistes in New York on 13 January 1929. (...) [ Wikipedia ]


Great Britain 1902/1910 "King Edward VII" (17,15,15) [Typo (Harrison & Sons Ltd)(De La Rue Co.)(Somerset House)][Wmk] Sc(127,...,142,145)

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