Friday, February 20, 2015

Charles Turner

[Australia] (b 1869/d 1912)

Charles Turner was a Melbourne Lithographic Artist, designer, painter, engraver and illustrator.. Little or nothing at all is known about his student life or his Family Background..His name begin to appear with the illustration of the Book "Victory in 1880" by Garnet Walch ..;  the strange thing is that if we consider the date of his birth to be the correct one he would have only 11 years when he done these illustrations... so there must be a mistake in the Birth date, because there are not much doubts about the rest of his work.. The active period of his Artistic life was located between the 80's and 90's of the XIX Century when he designed several Australia medals and some stamps for New South Wales..


New South Wales 1889 "Centenary of New South Wales" (8,8,1) [Wmk][Engr (W. Bell)][Typo] Sc(85) [There is a difference between the data I have and the small article of the " Halifax Philatelist" presented above .. in the Article , the 1s stamp is also work of Charles Turner and not from the Government Printing Office.. but I will follow the specifications I have because they are the same as others I found in the NET..]

New South Wales 1895 "Diamond Jubilee and Hospital Charity" (2,2,2) [Litho (Government Printing Office, Sidney)] Sc(B1,B2)

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