Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tryggvi Magnússon

[Iceland] (b 1900/d 1960)

Graduated from Secondary School in 1919 and went to Copenhagen to pursue his studies..from 1921 to 1922 he was in New York studying the Art of Portraits.. Following some time in Dresden studying Painting , he return to Reykjavik where he start's his career as Illustrator...Was for many years , the main illustrator of the Magazine 'Mirror', and with time he was best recognized by his own cartoons...Tryggvi was one of the founders of the Icelandic Graphic Association.


Iceland 1930 "Airmail Festival Stamps" (5,5,5) [Typo (Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd, London)] Sc(C4,...,C8)

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