Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ahmed Benyahia

[Algeria] (b 1943)

Painter and Sculptor, Amhed Benyahia studied at the Constantine Municipal Fine Arts 1963 he moved to Algiers where he continued his studies in the National School of fine Arts..He went to Paris in 1965 where he worked and researched the world of Sculpture with the Famous French Sculpture César.
In 1972 he returned to Constantine where he gave Classes in the University.. He was chosen for the construction of  several buildings and monuments , and in 1977 he made his first Exhibition in Constantine , while planning a group of Foreign Exhibitions to start in France... (Catalog of Algerian Stamps..)


Algeria 1964 "1st International Fair at Algiers" (1) [Typo (Paris Printing Office)] Sc(332)

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