Friday, August 22, 2014

Rui Preto Pacheco

[Portugal] (b 1922/d 1989)

A portrait of the Lisbon Cardinal brought him fame and critic's acclamation at the age of 19.. in 1947 his work is distinguished with a medal by the Fine Arts Association.. Became famous also in Spain during the 50's..The middle years of the 60's were passed in Angola, painting while absorbing many African influences.. the 74 revolution in Portugal led him to South Africa where he painted several portraits of members of High Society and Government  ..
In 1981 Preto Pacheco is distinguished with the "Ordem Militar de Sant'Iago de Espada"
During the 80's stayed in Brazil , where his work obtained clamorous success..


Cape Verde Islands 1952 "Portuguese Navigators" (10) [Perf 14][Litho (Litografia Nacional, Porto)] Sc(277,...,286)

Macao 1962 "Sports" (6) [Perf 13.5][Litho (Litografia da Maia,Porto)] Sc(394,...,399) INC
Mozambique 1962 "Sports" (6) [Perf 13.5][Litho (Litografia da Maia,Porto)] Sc(424,...,429) INC
Timor 1962 "Sports" (6) [Perf 13.5][Litho (Litografia Nacional,Porto)] Sc(313,...,318) INC
Bissau Guinea 1962 "Sports" (6) [Perf 13.5][Litho (Litografia da Maia)] Sc(299,...,304) INC
Portuguese India 1962 "Sports" (6) [Perf 13.5][Litho (Litografia da Maia,Porto)] INC [Never issued]

Bissau Guinea 1962 "Anti Malária Issue" (1) [Perf 13.5][Litho] Sc(305) INC
St. Thomas & Prince Islands 1962 "Anti Malária Issue" (1) [Perf 13.5][Litho] Sc(380) INC

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