Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dino Tofani

[Italy](b 1895/d ?)

"Dino Tofani, lithographer,illustrator and Interior Decorator Architect ,founded the Florence School of the Book  and collaborated with many editors ,dedicating himself mostly to the illustration of Scholastic Books..."

[ There are many references to the work of Dino Tofani , specially in the 20's and 30's where he had a very prolific activity in the illustration of many books of diverse thematic's , in the Decoration and rehabilitation of Cinemas and Theaters and even in the creation of Bookplates ... however , strangely , there is no Biographical data about the Artist, and even his birth date must be taken with caution... ]

Italy 1930 "4th Centenary of Francesco Ferrucci's Death" (8,4,3) [Photo] Sc(242,...,245)(C20,...,C22) [ image credit of ibolli.it ]

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