Sunday, February 4, 2018

Roger Chapelet

[France] (b 1903/d 1995)

"Roger Chapelet encountered the marine world for the first time when going aboard the "Rollon" , where his brother was a radio officer, in Marseille harbour. It was the outset of his career as a marine painter. At that time he made a set of paintings in differents harbours : Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, London ... He boarded a ship for the first time in 1929 to discover new horizons and then he got on sailboats to paint the fishing expeditions on the Banks of Newfoundland and in Greenland. In the 1930s he became the poster designer of main French Shipowners and in 1936 he was promoted to "Painter of the French Navy" and became a member of the Marine Academy.
Invited by some shipowners he boarded some cargo boats between France and Algeria. Then he traveled around the world on cargo-boats of course but also on three or four masters ships . During the second World War, he served between 1939 and 1945 as a supply officer of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, then in Indochina in 1946, while keeping on painting different operations fields and naval engagements. Returning to the civilian life, he went being the poster designer of several compagnies : Compagnie Mixte, Paquet, Générale Transantlantique, Fraissinet etc. "


Republic of Congo 1962 "Air Mail / 'Point Noire' International Fair" (1) [Photo (Delrieu)] Sc(C6)

Comoro Islands 1964 "Native Canoe" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(61,62,C10,C11)   [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Wallis and Futuna Islands 1965 "Inter-Islands Ship" (1) [Photo] Sc(168)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Gabon 1965 "Air Mail / Old Ships" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(C30,...,C33)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Comoro Islands 1966 "Comoro Views" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(67,68,C18,C19)   [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Central African Republic 1968 "River Craft" (5,5,5) [Engr (G. Aufschneider 10f)(P. Forget 30f)(M. Monvoisin 50f)(J. Miermont 100f,130f)][Recess] Sc(100,...,112,C62,C63)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Gabon 1968 "Stamp Day" (1) [Engr (Delpech)][Recess] Sc(234)

France 1971 "L'Antoinette" (1) [Engr (charles Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1301)

France 1972 "Côte d´Émeraude" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1343)

France 1973 "France II" (1) [Engr (Charles Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1377)

France 1974 "Sauvetage en mer" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1401)

France 1975 "La Melpomène" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1459)

[Updates are possible in the period after 1968 for some former French colonies..].

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hajo Rose

[Germany] (b 1910/d 1989)

Self Portrait (1930)

"Hajo Rose was a German photographer and graphic designer.  (..) he studied at the School of Applied Arts in Königsberg during the period from 1929 to 1930. Directly afterwards, he went to the Bauhaus in Dessau and Berlin for three years. (..) On 1 April 1933, he was awarded with the Bauhaus Diploma No. 112 of the advertising workshop. (..) After the Bauhaus was closed, he arrived at Amsterdam as an emigrant and he went to the private Nieuwe Kunstschool in Amsterdam – which was headed by the former Bauhäusler Paul Citroen – until 1940. Rose became a lecturer for advertising graphic, typography and photography there. (..) At the same time, he operated his own advertising office and was its photographer, exhibition designer and set designer until 1941. After being imprisoned until 1948 during the Military Service , Hajo succeeded in his re-entry and worked as a lecturer for commercial graphic design and typeface at the Academy for Fine Arts in Dresden between 1949 and 1953. He subsequently switched to the Technical College for Applied Art in Leipzig and worked freelance for the industry of the GDR. "


 East Germany 1957 "International Red Cross Day" (2,2,2) [Photo] Sc(350,351) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

 East Germany 1958 "6th Markkleeberg Agricultural Exhibition" (3,3,3) [Litho] Sc(385,...,387)  [ image credit of Stampworld ] 

East Germany 1963 "Red Cross Centenary" (2,2,2) [Litho] Sc(651,652)  [ image credit of Stampworld ]  

[ updates are possible...] 

Fred Taylor

[Great Britain] (b 1875/d 1963)

Whitby (1930)
"Fred Taylor was born in London on March 22 1875, the son of William Taylor. Taylor studied briefly at Goldsmith’s College, London, where he won a gold medal for his posters, and a travelling scholarship to study in Italy. At some point working in the Waring and Gillow Studio, Taylor was a poster artist, illustrator, decorator and a watercolourist. Particularly noted as a poster artist from 1908 to the 1940s, and was regularly commissioned by the LNER, EMB and shipping companies. Taylor also exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy, and other provincial societies. Taylor’s designs frequently referred to architectural subjects. (..) Married to Florence R Sarg, with a son and a daughter, Taylor is also remembered for his decorating work, most notably for ceilings for the former Underwriter’s Room at Lloyds of London, and murals for Austin Reed’s red laquer room in 1930. He was also the author of a number of publications."


Palestine 1927/1942 "Various Designs" (22,4,4) [Typo] Sc(63,...,84)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tadeusz Trepkowski

[Poland] (b 1914/d 1954)

"Self-taught , Tadeusz Trepkowski attended the Warsaw Municipal School of Decorative Arts for several months. (..) He made his first project at the age of 16 and in 1933 he received a prize in a poster competition for PKO. (..) in 1937 , Trepkowski won the 'Grand Prix' at the International Exhibition in Paris with a poster named "Carefully". (..) From 1936 he start to create posters for the Institute of Social Affairs mostly with educational messages related to health and safety at work. (..) Tadeusz Trepkowski belonged to the first generation of creators of the Polish poster school . His works were distinguished by their particular brevity, limited to expressive symbols and reduced to the necessary minimum text. (..) He died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 40. "


Poland 1948 "Anti Tuberculosis Fund" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(B59,...,B62) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Poland 1950 "International Peace Conference" (2,1) [Photo] Sc(475,476)