Saturday, April 21, 2018

Henri Meunier

[Belgium] (b 1873/d 1922)

"L'Heure Du Silence / 1897"

"Henri Meunier  was a Belgian Art Nouveau lithographer, etcher, illustrator, bookbinder and poster designer of the Belle Époque.(..) He was the son of the etcher Jean-Baptiste Meunier and was the nephew of the sculptor Constantin Meunier and received his first training in engraving in his father's workshop ; after studying at the academy in Ixelles, he diversified into printmaker, poster designer, graphic reporter and book binder. (..) Mounier was awarded with a gold medal at the 1893 Limoges Exhibition. (..)"


Belgium 1905/1908 "King Leopold II" (7,7,7) [Engr (M. Ellis)][Typo] Sc(85,...,91)

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