Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Peter Gauld

[Great Britain] (b 1925/d 1989)

"Peter Gauld was born in 1925 in Coalville, Leicestershire. He attended Loughborough College before serving with the Manchester Regiment during World War Two. After the War he attended Leicester College of Art to study painting and graphic design. Gauld worked for Unilever as art editor before becoming a freelance graphic designer. He was commissioned by various organisations including Shell Chemicals, Oxford University Press and the British Post Office. He designed several sets of stamps."


Great Britain 1961 "Post Office Savings Bank Centenary" (3,3,1) [Photo] Sc(379)

Great Britain 1963 "Opening of 'Compac' Commonwealth Cable" (1) [Photo] Sc(401)

Great Britain 1965 "Centenary of Joseph Lister's Discovery of Antiseptic Surgery" (2,2,1) [Photo] Sc(426)

Great Britain 1969 "British Architecture (Cathedrals)" (6,6,6) [Photo] Sc(589,...,594) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

Great Britain 1975 "European Architectural Heritage Year" (5,5,5) [Photo] Sc(740,...,744) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

Great Britain 1980 "British Conductors" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(920,...,923) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

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