Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Constant Montald

[Belgium] (b 1862/d 1944)

While studying at the Ghent Technical School during the day, Constant was having night classes at the City's Fine Arts Academy..there he won the Grand Prize and a Scholarship... in 1885 he went to Paris study in the "Ecole Des Beaux-Arts".. In Paris he painted his first Monumental Painting and the next year he won the Famous "Prix De Rome" and was received in his Hometown Ghent with great Celebrations and even awards...Following this brief period, he started his first trip to Italy and after a visit to the country and all it's Artistic wonders, he settled in Rome , opening an Atelier..After some work in Rome, he traveled to Egypt and returned to Brussels in 1892 where he start a group of exhibitions with other Artists.. in 1906 , after winning another gold Medal for his last works, he started the most striking period of his work , that lead him to 1909 he bought a "Villa" in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, that would be very important during the WWI days , when he only could paint local Landscapes 1920 Montald co-founded the "L'Art monumental" with other 5 Artists... He continued to make several monumental works and in 1934 he joined the Belgium Royal Academy , after teaching for 32 years in the Brussels Fine Arts Academy .. 


Belgium 1910 "Brussels Exhibition" (8,2,1) [Typo] Sc(B1,...,B4)

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