Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arthur Horowicz

[Great Britain] (b 1898/d 1962)

Arthur Horowicz was a British citizen but his family had roots in Poland... by a first view into the Internet I can say for sure that he was mainly known by the many Book covers he made for several editors..he also produced some book illustrations and even a few paintings.. one of them presents an "Old stamp collector" looking to his last  "jewel".... He only designed one stamp, and the reason is very understandable.. During the German occupation , the Polish Government  was in exile in London.. for sure, he was contacted , due to his Polish ascendancy ,  to design this stamp from 1945...


Poland 1945 "Relief Fund for the Survivors of the Warsaw Rising" (1) [Engr (W. Vacek)][Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(3KB1)

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