Friday, January 5, 2018

Jean-Gabriel Goulinat

[France] (b 1883/d 1972)

"Student of Alexandre Ripault at the Tours Fine Arts School, Jean G. Gaulinat was admitted at the Paris Fine Arts School in 1901...(..) later , he taught at the Drawing School of the 'rue de Seine'  in Paris , and along with his Painting career , he became the director of the atelier of Restoration for paintings from all over France , at the Louvre Museum. Goulinat was also the President of the French Artists Society  from 1958 to1965."


Monaco 1932/1937 "Buildings,Landscapes and Portraits" (21,7,7) [Engr (G. Hourriez 15c,45c)(A. Delzers 30c,65c,75c))(J.Piel 25c,40c)][Recess] Sc(110,...,130)

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