Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hubert Berke

[Germany] (b 1908/d 1979)

"In 1931-32 Hubert Berke studied at first philosophy, theology and history of arts at the universities of Münster and Königsberg. In 1932 he began his studies of painting under Fritz Burmann at the academy of art in Königsberg, followed by a switch to the academy of arts in Düsseldorf in 1932-33 where he became Paul Klee's pupil. (..) The same year Hubert Berke returned to Buer and began to work independently. (..) Berke was able to "hide" his thoughts about the time in freely illustrating imaginative plates. In spite of National Socialism his tendency towards Surrealism, abstract and tachistic painting became apparent, which became manifest in the 1940s. (..)  the artist received important awards and honours like the Cornelius-prize of the city of Düsseldorf in 1948, the "Großer Preis" of the city of Cologne in 1961 and the Ernst-Osthaus-prize of the city of Hagen as well as the Conrad-von-Soest-prize (Westphälischer Kunstpreis) of the city of Münster in 1962."


Germany 1955 "Humanitarian Relief Fund" (4,4,4) [Recess] Sc(B344,...,B347) [ images credit of Wikimedia Commons ]

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