Friday, August 25, 2017

Zygmunt Rozwadowski

[Poland] (b 1870/d 1950)

Self Portrait

"Zygmunt Rozwadowski  attended the St. Jacek High School in Cracow and began his Art studies at the Fine Arts School , also in Cracow...from 1891 to 1893 he was at Munich studying at the Anton Azbe private School.. at the beginning , he exhibited his paintings under the Artistic name Jordan...(..) After graduation Rozwadowski returned to Lviv where he taught at the Industrial School, and during that time he also exhibited his works and cooperated in the creation of theatrical scenery. (...) 
In October 17, 1914 he joined the Polish Legion and was assigned to the Military Department of the Supreme National Committee. (..) in the second half of 1916 the state of health prevented the artist from active service and was directed to the reserve.. (...) The paintings of Rozwadski are primarily Battle scenes of the Napoleonic period and the November Uprising , as well as genre scenes with horse motifs , portraits and landscapes...(..)"


Poland 1938 "20th Anniversary of Independence" (13,13,1) [Engr (M.R. Polak)][Recess] Sc(332)

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