Saturday, August 12, 2017

Arne Lindaas

[Norway] (b 1924/d 2011)

"Arne Lindaas has been described as 'an unusually active and diverse artist who has been active in several artistic branches '. His Art work included graphics, painting, wood sculpture and iron and glass design. (..) Lindaas was son of the pharmacist and painter Waldmar Lindaas, and had his early education at the State Crafts and Art Industry School ; between 1943 and 1949 he worked and studied at the Copenhagen Royal Porcelain Factory ...(..) He debuted at the autumn exhibition in 1946 and had his first solo exhibition at the Artist Association in 1949. (..) His work as Designer was highly influenced by his contributions for several Industrial companies, such as Magnor Glassverk , the  Porsgrund Porcelain Factory and the company Sellgren & Co. (..) As a graphic artist and painter, Lindaas stood for the decoration of, among others, the Government Building (1990) and the "Garden of Eden" in the Hammersborg Tunnel at Arne Garborg's place (1973). (..) Lindaas Work it is presented at the National Gallery in Oslo, the arts industry museums in Oslo and Trondheim, the National Museum in Stockholm and the National Gallery of the Oregon State University . He received a diploma from the Triennial in Milan in 1954 and 1957, received the Award for Good Design three times from 1965-70 and the Jacob Prize in 1966." 


Norway 1963 "150th Anniversary of Norwegian Textile Industry" (3,1) [Photo] Sc(443,...,445)

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