Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jan Piwczyk

[Poland] (b 1897/d 1972)

Engraving work for PWPW,Warsaw
Jan Piwczyk was a Polish engraver, who devoted almost his entire professional life to the State Official Printer , PWPW,Warsaw... besides some stamps for his home land Poland, from 1943 he started to engrave III Reich stamps, and after the WWII, he worked for the West Germany Post and for West Berlin also...  
I have tried to reach some information about Piwczyk's Educational Background , but unfortunately it was impossible...


Germany 1952 "Humanitarian Relief Fund" (4,4,1) [Engr (Jan Piwczyk) 20pf][Recess] Sc(B329) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

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    Deutschlands Briefmarkenkünstler: Piwczyk, Jan.