Friday, June 30, 2017

Nicola D'Urso

[Italy] (b 1877/d 1937)

" in 1894 ,the young Nicola D'Urso was attending the 3rd Technical School in Lecce... (...)  Upon graduation he moved to Rome and in 1899, he taught art of drawing, calligraphy, engraving and thumbnail in R. Technical School "A. Manuzio "in Rome; (...) in 1915 he founded the magazine 'calligraphic scripture' which then had to quit after a short time (...) His interest was therefore turned to writing, "beautiful writing" practiced, taught and passed on to others. For this last purpose, his production of textbooks was very intense and they date back to 1903, "Brief notes for the learning of modern calligraphy for use by middle school" , then followed by "Modern Calligraphy for use by middle school and calligraphic art lovers" , published in 1905 in Terni by Cooperativa, of where there is a 1st and a 2nd part and various editions. (...)"


Libya (Tripolitania) 1927 "First Tripoli Trade Fair" (8,4,4) [Litho] Sc(B5,...,B10,EB1,EB2)

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