Monday, November 21, 2016

Jules Douy

[France] (b ?/d ?)

" Jules Douy  was a pensioner of the France Academy in Rome ... He worked specially for the Advertising Industries, with all kinds of illustrations,brochures and Posters... He won the "Grand Prix de Gravure" (1906),  was several times awarded by the "L'Institut De Gravure De Paris" and received the Medal of the "Légion d’honneur"  and "du Mérite postal" ". 


French Polynesia 1934 "Air Mail" (1) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(C1)

French Colonies 1937 "International Exhibition , Paris" (6,6,1) [Engr (Rene Cottet)][Recess] [ issued in many of the Colonies ]

French Equatorial Africa 1937 "Various Designs" (40,6,6) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(33,...,72)

French Equatorial Africa 1938 "Centenary of the Landing of Bouet-Willaumes" (4,1) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(74,...,77)

St. Pierre and Miquelon 1938 "Various Designs" (33,4,4) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(172,...,204)

Dahomey 1942 "Colonial Child Welfare Fund" (3,3,2) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(CB1,CB2)

French Colonies 1942 "Education Colonial Fund" (1) [Engr (Jules Piel)][Recess] [Issued in many of the Colonies]

Cameroun 1946 "AIR MAIL" (11,3,2) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(C15,...,C24)

Madagascar 1946 "Various Designs" (22,10,8) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(269,...,285)(C51)

New Caledonia 1948 "Various Designs" (22,9,9) [Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(276,...,294)(C21,...,C23)

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