Thursday, August 4, 2016

Serban Zainea [ 1st Part (1940/1957) ]

[Romania] (b 1907/d 1990)

"Serban Zainea studied at the Bucharest Academy of Fine Arts under  Camille Constantin and Artachino Ressu...He then debuted in 1931 at the Official Salon of Painting in Bucharest. From 1932 until 1987 he participates with works at the annual Official Salons of Painting and sculpture..He was a painter, Illustrator and engraver, with many works related to Postage stamps and Bank notes...In 1964 he is awarded with the bronze medal at the Bucharest Philatelic Exhibition and also with the the bronze medal in the Paris Philatelic Salon..Zainea  worked as an engraver from 1944 to 1968 at the National Bank of Romania and in the Philatelic World he is known as " the father of Modern Romanian engraved stamps ." .It is one of the few established artists who have not made concessions regarding issues imposed by the communist regime and since 1966, he has refused to design or engrave  postage stamps, dedicating himself to his Artistic career."


Romania 1940 "Iron Guard Fund" (2,2,2) [Photo] Sc(B145,CB1)

Romania 1955 "Anniversaries of Famous Writers" (6,6,6) [Engr (Serban Zainea)][Recess] Sc(1072,...,1077) [ images credit of StampWorld ]

Romania 1956 "20th Anniversary of  the Death of Maksim Gorky" (1) [Photo] Sc(1110)

Romania 1956 "Cultural Anniversaries" (10,10,10) [Photo] Sc(1122,...,1131) [ images credit of StampWorld ]

Romania 1956 "75th Birth Anniversary of Enescu (Musician)" (2,2,2) [Engr (Serban Zainea)][Recess] Sc(1132,1133) [ images credit of StampWorld ]

Romania 1957 "50th Anniversary of the Peasant Revolt" (1) [Photo] Sc(1134)

Romania 1957 "500th Anniversary of the Accession of Stephen The Great" (2,1) [Photo] Sc(1147,1148)

Romania 1957 "50th Death Anniversary of Nicolae Grigorescu (painter)" (3,3,3) [Photo] Sc(1169,...,1171)  [ images credit of StampWorld ]

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