Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Georges Hourriez

[France] (b 1878/d 1953)

Georges Hourriez studied the Art of  Wood Engraving at the School Estienne in Paris and then in 1894 he is admitted to the National School of Fine Arts.. he worked as a painter, engraver and designer and produced many stamps for France  and it's Colonies .... some work with Bank Notes is also known...

[Photo] : Le Type Mercure

New Caledonia 1928/1940 "Various Designs" (42,3,1) [Typo]  Sc(136,...,143)

Gabon 1930 "Postage Due Stamps" (11,2,2) [Engr (A. Delzers)][Typo] Sc(J12,...,J22)

Gabon 1932 "Postage Due Stamps" (11,1) [Engr (Emile Feltesse)][Photo] Sc(J23,...,J33)

Gabon 1932 "Various Designs" (24,3,3) [Engr (Georges Hourriez)(A. Delzers)(Jules Piel)][Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(124,...,147)

Martinique 1933 "Various Designs" (40,3,1) [Engr (Henry Cheffer)][Recess] Sc(133,136,138,141,149,150,153,155,156,161,166,168,171)

Martinique 1933 "Postage Due Stamps" (11,1) [Engr (Emile Feltesse)][Photo] Sc(J26,...,J36)

Morocco 1933 "Various Designs" (24,7,1)  [Engr (Georges Hourriez)][Recess] Sc(128,129,130)

France 1933 "Personalities" (3,3,1) [Engr (George Hourriez)][Typo)] Sc(292)

France 1936 "Unemployed Intellectuals Fund (1st Series)" (4,4,2) [Engr (Georges Hourriez)][Recess] Sc(B51, B53)

France 1938/1942 "Mercury" (17,1) [Engr (George Hourriez)][Typo] Sc(353,...,369)

France 1939/1944  "Iris" (13,1) [Engr (George Hourriez)][Typo]Sc(375,...,387)

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