Saturday, December 5, 2015

Paolo Caccia Dominioni

[Italy] (b 1896/d 1992)

Paolo Caccia Dominioni was a Italian Military, Writer, Engineer and Designer...descending from a noble family , he traveled with his father to France, Austria , Tunisia and Egypt in the exercise of his Diplomatic Career.. after returning to Italy, he joined the Milan Royal Engineer Polytechnic... with the start of WWI Paolo  immediately joined the Royal Army and in May 1917 , as a young Lieutenant  he won a Military Merit Honor during a delicate operation where he was mildly injured..after the end of the War he was in Libya and was transferred to Egypt in 1924 where he started to work as an Engineer , projecting important buildings in all the Meddle East...He achieved the grade of Captain during an operation in the South of Libya in 1935 he was called again to fight once more in the Ethiopia War , where he won the Cross of Merit in Battle (War) ...the WWII starts and he won several Military Honors during the German/Italy joint effort in the North Africa Campaign... after the War he returned to his Office in Cairo, but the Italian Government asked him to make a report about the condition of the Italian Cemeteries in the El Alamein region.. this task ended 14 years after with the construction of a Religious Building that he designed and 1962 Paolo started a period of frenetic Engineering and Architectural Activity in the construction of several Chapels in commemoration of the Italian Victims of WWII..At this time he had already an intense Literary Activity with several books printed...  


Italy 1949 "27th Milan Fair" (1) [Photo] Sc(509)

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