Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gerhard Marggraff

[Germany] (b 1892/d ?)

"Gerhard Marggraff has started his career as Painter and Graphic Artist ... later he has developed into an advertising Artist  whose works show full maturity and is further distinguished by Economy in the use of colors and clarity in Line and form..."  Margraff clearly spent his first years of work in the Advertising world, with the creation of many posters, paintings and drawings, starting from early as 1912... during the 20's and 30's his activity embrace also the design and development of typeface' the "Margraff Light Italic" in 1929 and the "Marggraff Deutsch" in 1939 were born and became the best known part of his Work...


Germany 1942 "Parcel Post" (1) [Typo] Sc(MQ1)

Germany 1943 "Eagle & Numeral" (1) [Photo (Vienna)] Sc(B217)

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