Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Olga Fedorovna Amosova-Bunak

[Russia] (b 1892/d 1970)

In 1903–1905 Olga studied at Y. S. Goldblat’s school of painting and drawing in St. Petersburg.. She began to paint independently since 1905 but due to health problems she lived in Yalta,Krimea from 1907 to 1911.. the next 3  years were passed in Rome studying in the English Academy of Arts...after returning to Russia she continued to exhibit her work done in Italy and in one of those exhibitions in Tsarskoye Selo, 260 of her oils ,watercolors and drawings were destroyed in a Yudenich ( leader of the anti-communist White movement in Northwestern Russia during the Civil War) Army against the city..In 1915 she worked as an illustrator for several magazines and started her important contribution as scene-designer for theater and drama events.. in 1919 she went to Moscow to design stage scenes for cinema and Operetta's.. until 1923 she created also posters ,postcards, and soviet statesmen 1926 Olga Amosova was part of an expedition to Tannu-Tuva Republic and North Mongolia headed by anthropologist and ethnographer V. V. Bunak,her future husband..from 1927 to 1931 she created also designs for postage stamps and letterheads of state loans.. then she began to learn the Art of Engraving and in 1936/1937 worked at the Moscow Institute of advanced studies for graphic artists . From 1930 to 1950 she continued to pursue her versatile work and started to engage also Literary Activities...


Russia 1927 "1st International Air Mail Congress, The Hague" (2,1)  [Typo] Sc(C10,C11)

Tuva 1927 "Local Motifs / Heritage Series" (14,14,14) [Litho] Sc(15,...,28) [ images credit of ]

[ the stamps are presented without perforations, just to have better images... the series, in fact, has 3 different perforations : 12.5 (1k,...,5k), 12.5x12 (8k,...,14k), 10 or 10.5 (18k,...,1R) ; some stamps from this series were overprinted and/or Surcharged several times]

Russia 1929/1931 "Standard Series" (16,16,2) [Typo] Sc(415,422)

Russia 1930 "10th Anniversary of  1st Red Cavalry" (4,4,2) [Typo] Sc(432,434)

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