Friday, August 21, 2015

Melchiorre Melis

[Italy] (b 1889/d 1982)

Melchiorre Melis , painter, illustrator, decorator and Ceramist,was born at Bosa in 1889.. His Artistic skills soon call the attention of the local Community and a studentship allows him to study at the Rome Fine arts Academy..during this period he also learned in the Dullio Cambellotti Studio , where he took the first steps into the world of Graphic 1919 , after the military Service in Sardinia he started to work as Artistic director and designer in the Magazine 'Rivista Sarda'...This is the time of the first Exhibitions of drawings and Ceramic material...Many projects and Exhibitions later, he was called in 1934 to direct and manage new Tripoli's Arts and Crafts School and the Ceramic Art School and this was a task that keeps him busy until 1942...After returning to Rome , his idea of non collaboration with the Fascist Regime led to a self imposed ' Artistic Retirement' , and only in 1949 he started a new group of Exhibitions... in 1965 he dedicated himself only to painting ..


Italy 1945/1947 "Various Designs" (19,6,1) [2nd Des (Mazzotta)] [Photo] Sc(465,468,472A,473A)

taly 1945/1951 "Express Mail Stamps" (7,2,1) [2nd Des (Mazzotta)][Photo] Sc(E20,E21,E25)

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