Thursday, August 13, 2015

Barbara Arnason

[Great Britain][Iceland] (b 1911/d 1975)

"Born in Petersfield, she was the twin sister of writer and illustrator Ursula Moray Williams. She attended Winchester College of Art and the Royal College of Art. Soon after graduating she was asked to illustrate Icelandic sagas, which resulted in her travelling to Iceland in 1936, where she met sculptor and painter Magnús Á. Árnason.They married in 1937 and she moved to Iceland the same year. Barbara was already known as a book illustrator before moving to Iceland, and also became known there for pioneering work in wood engraving and for watercolors of landscapes and children. She also worked with textiles, and in her final years with watercolor engraving."  


Iceland 1957 "Reafforestation Campaign" (2,2,2) [Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(306,307) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

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