Friday, June 19, 2015

Sverre Hennum

[Norway] (b 1887/d 1967)

Sverre Hennum was student at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo.. he attended the Paris Julian Academy in 1912 and the Oslo State Academy of Art in 1916-1917.. He spent the Years 1912/1914 travelling and studying in Paris and Switzerland...from 1933 to 1950 he was teacher of Freehand Drawing and Design at the Oslo State Academy of the Arts ...His works are mainly spread through several Art museums and collections in Oslo...


Norway 1925 "Air Mail / Amundsen's Polar flight" (7,1) [Des (Th. Holmboe)][Typo (Knudsen)] Sc(104,...,110)

Norway 1927 "Air Mail" (1) [Des (J. Kolbel)][Engr (H. rui)][Typo (Knudsen)] Sc(C1)

Norway 1928 "Ibsen Centenary" (4,1) [Des( F. Schirnbock)][Offset (Emil Moestue & Co.)] Sc(132,...,135)

Norway 1932 "Birth Centenary of Bjornstjerne Bjornson" (4,1) [Photo (Emil Moestue & Co.,Oslo)] Sc(154,...,157)

Norway 1940 "Norway Lion" (4,1) [Photo] Sc(203,...,206)

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