Monday, March 2, 2015

Pablo Cataldi

[Italy] (b 1819/d 1882)

From his Education and former life in Sicily , little is known.. I found some beautiful articles about the strange life of this Italian Engraver in Argentina and Uruguay.. I must say that , I was tempted to translate one of them  in it's full version, but I don't have time and there are many other designers waiting...
Pablo Cataldi was born in Sicily where he had a small Jewelry business.. Fleeing from the Politic instability in his home land , Cataldi arrived at Buenos Aires in 1856.. He created a small replica of his former business in Victoria Street N. 120 , where he worked in the imprint of Medals and Coins and occasionally chiseling Jewels in Gold and Plate , always without  the use of smelting.. his work led him to know Rosário Grande and Pedro De Angelis, that  soon presented him to Bartolomé Mitre, important Buenos Aires Personality (President of Argentina between 1862 and 1868).. in 1857 he was already working in the design of the first Buenos Aires stamp (' Los Barquitos').. together with Rosário Grande , he became one of the Country's Official Engravers... Many commemorative Medals and Coins followed , sometimes beautiful and technically very demanding.. Reviews of his work were the Best.. In 1867 he went to San José where he begin working for General Urquiza, the Province Governor .. from 1868 to 1870 (date of Urquiza's Assassination ) , along with his work ,Cataldi taught at the recently opened School of Art's and Crafts ... in 1869 he started to fell the Mental illness that accompanied him until the End... In 1870 he returned for some time to Sicily and then again to Buenos Aires where he reopened his office.. Problems related to his illness soon turn his work impossible.. The time passed and poverty and Madness led him to Suicide in 1882..    


Argentina / Buenos Aires 1858 "Los Barquitos" (5,1) [Typo (Mint, Buenos Aires)] Sc(1,...,5)

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