Monday, March 2, 2015

Mustapha Adane

[Algeria] (b 1933)

Mustapha Adane won a Scholarship to study Sculpture and Graphical Arts in Leipzig , Germany..Taught at the Algiers Architecture and Fine Arts University and was President of the Algerian Painters Union .. He has many sculptures and mural frescoes but also worked in graphical design, logotypes , Arab Calligraphy, design of postage stamps, and specially in the Rehabilitation of Ancient Monuments and Public Buildings.. trough out his Artistic career , he  used several materials for his works (ceramics, glass, iron, copper, clay,etc) , always trying to Master all these different techniques.. 


Algeria 1970 "Algiers International Fair" (1) [Recess (De La Rue) ] Sc(449)

Algeria 1976 "2nd Pan- African Commercial Fair, Algiers" (1) [Litho (BA Printing Office)] Sc(576)

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