Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jean Kerhor

[France] (b 1876/d 1974)

One of Andres Dupuis Uncle's  was a painter and was the responsible for his initial approach to painting and drawing.. Andres attended the Nancy Fine Arts School  in 1901 after finishing his Army time..The School award him with a 1st Prize in the End of his studies ... After leaving Nancy, Andres Dupuis arrived in Paris where he started to work in the Ministry of Colonies .It was then that he decided to use the name Jean Kerhor for his extracurricular design activities... during the next 30 years he worked in the Secretariat of the Colonies and his reputation as a skilled designer  continued to grow among the Officials and Administrators . After some illustrations of Colonial books and Documents , good reviews began to arrive., attracting this way , more and more work... Andres also learn Wood engraving with the Master Maurice Denis and some time later , two of his works were bought by the French State..; at this time we are invited to think that Kerhor was the only one blessed by Fame and Prosperity, but we need to know that Andres Dupuis also became famous for being a great collector,  and after his death,3 important collections were in exhibition in several museums (none of them of Postage stamps, unfortunately..)..He moved to the small village of Etretat in Normandy where he lived his final Years..


Togo 1924/1938 "Various Designs" (37,3,3) [Engr (A. Delzers)][Typo] Sc(216,...,252)

Cameroun 1925/1938  "Various Designs" (42,3,3) [Engr (G. Daussy)][Typo] Sc(170,...,211)

Cameroun 1925/1927 "Postage Due Stamps" (13,1) [Engr (G. Daussy)][Typo] Sc(J1,...,J13)

Togo 1925 "Cotton Field" (11,1) [Engr (A. Delzers)][Typo] Sc(J9,...,J19)

Tunisia 1928 "Child Welfare / 1st Tunis-Chad Motor Service" (7,1) [Recess (Institute De Gravure, Paris)] Sc(B47,...,B53)

Chad 1930 "Various Designs (Postage Due Stamps)" (11,2,2) [Engr (G. Daussy)][Typo] Sc(J12,...,J22)

New Hebrides  1938 "Lovepi Island and Copra Canoe" (12,1) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd)] Sc(55,...,66)

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