Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carlos Rochóll

[Germany][Paraguay] (b 1875/d 1945)

Born in Kassel , Germany, Carlos Rochóll arrived at Paraguay for the first time in 1899, to dedicate himself to Scientific and Educational tasks..With the help of his Scientific Background, he was the Founding Member of the Paraguayan School Museum... He naturalized himself Paraguayan in 1910...Rochóll supervised the Postal Service for ten years... He was then nominated Director of the Postal Museum , position he maintained until 1936..He came to be , among other activities, technical adviser and Designer of Postage Stamps.. He wrote several documents about the Design world..Died in Asunción  in 17 January 1945...   


Paraguay 1930 "Agricultural College Fund" (1) [Typo (Government Printing Works)] Sc(B4)

Paraguay 1930/1939 "60th Anniversary of the First Paraguayan Postage stamps" (6,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(313,...,318)

Paraguay 1931 "60th Anniversary of the Constitution and Arrival of  Gunboat" (1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(319)

Paraguay 1931 "AIR MAIL / 60th Anniversary of the Constitution and Arrival of  Gunboat" (15,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(C39,...,,C53) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Paraguay 1931/1936  "AIR" (18,5,5) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(C56,...,C73)

Paraguay 1932 "Graf Zeppelin / AIR MAIL" (5,1) [Die Engr (Rudolf Schwach)][Typo (GPW)] Sc(C74,...,C78)

Paraguay 1932 "Red Cross Fund" (1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(B5)

Paraguay 1932 "Chaco Boundary Dispute" (2,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(323,324)

Paraguay 1934 "AIR MAIL" (5,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(C84,...,C87)

Paraguay 1935 "AIR MAIL" (4,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(C98,...,C101)

Paraguay 1935 "AIR MAIL" (6,1) [Typo (GPW)] Sc(C102,...,C106)

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