Saturday, February 21, 2015

Raymond Ostrander Smith

[United States of America] (b 1873/d 1933)

Smith attended public schools for seven and one half
years and began learning design work at the age of eleven. He
was the stepson of John Quincy Adams Ward, an artist who
worked for the American Bank Note Company in the 1800s. Ward
persuaded his friend A. D. Shepard, a vice-president of American
Bank Note, to place Smith in his designing department. ; he worked for ABNC until 1897 as modeler and designer , and later joined the BEP and continued working there until
the end of 1902, when he returned to employment with American.
During his BEP years, Smith designed many of the most beautiful
stamps ever produced by the United States.


Newfoundland 1897"400th Anniversary of John Cabot's Discovery of Newfoundland and Queen Victoria's 60th Year Reign" (14,14,14) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(61,...,74)

USA 1898 "Trans Mississippi Exhibition,Omaha 1898" (9,9,9) [Engr (Marcus W. Baldwin / All the frames except $02 / Vignetes $02,$05,$10,1$)(Donald S. Ronaldson / $02 frame / lettering and Numerals )(F.C. Smillie  / vignetes $01,$04,$50,2$)(Robert F. Ponickau / Vignetes $08)] [Recess] Sc(285,...,293)

USA 1901 "Pan American Exhibition, Buffalo, NY" (6,6,6) [Engr (Robert F. Ponickau / all frames)(Lyman F. Ellis / lettering and Numerals)(F.C. Smillie  /  vignetes $01)(Marcus W. Baldwin / vignetes $02 to $10)][Recess] Sc(294,...,299)

USA 1902 "1902 Issue" (14,14,14) [Engr (George F. C. Smillie / portraits $01,$02,$03,$04,$06,$08,$50,1$,2$,5$)(Robert F. Ponickau / all frames except $13)(Lyman F. Ellis / lettering and Numerals all except $08,$50,1$)(George Rose / Lettering and Numerals $03,$04,$05,$06,$08,$10,$15,$50,1$,2$)(Edward M. Weeks / lettering and numerals $03)(Marcus W. Baldwin / Portraits $05,$06,$10,$13,$15 / frame $13)][Recess] Sc(300,...,313) [ image Credit of Wikipedia ]

[ Many Designing Work of Smith , could exist in many countries , during the period from 1902 to 1933 , under the name of ABNC.... Additional research is needed..]

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  1. He did some remarkable work. Love the Trans-Mississippi series.