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Imre von Mosdossy (1st Part : Colombia Stamps /Part A 1955/1960)

[Hungary] (b 1904/d 1995)

Irme von Mosdossy was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1904. He began his post-secondary education in engineering, but quickly transferred to Fine Arts. He graduated from the Royal Hungarian College of Fine Arts in 1927. Von Mosdossy's profession was that of a professor, though his livelihood was also supported by his contributions to the world of art. He exhibited works in both solo and group shows, created murals, restored antique colonial and European pictures, decorated churches, and was also involved in the design of state and commercial advertisements. In 1949, he created decorations for the Paris Fair, as well as mounted a solo show of watercolours and designs in the Art Gallery in the Palais Royal. In late 1963, Von Mosdossy immigrated to Canada, settling in Ontario.
Von Mosdossy's contributions to the philatelic world include stamp designs for Burundi, Colombia, Guinea, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela, Haiti, and Honduras, as well as Canada.


Colombia 1955 "7th Congress of the Postal Union of Americas and Spain" (9,9,9) [(Recess/Design)(Litho/Background)(De La Rue) C276][Photo (centers)(De La Rue) others][Recess (De La Rue)(frames) others] Sc(640,...,642)(C275,...,C280) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1956 "Red Cross Fund" (1) [Recess/Photo (De La Rue)] Sc(RA55)

Colombia 1956/1958 "Columbus Memorial Lighthouse" (3,1) [Photo (State Printing Works, Vienna)] Sc(666,C285,C306)

Colombia 1956 "7th Centenary of St. Elizabeth of Hungary" (2,1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(667,C286)

Colombia 1956 "4th Death Centenary of St. Ignatius of Loyola" (2,1) [Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(668,C287)

Colombia 1957 "25th Anniversary of the Agricultural Credit Bank" (8,4,4) [Photo (De La Rue)] Sc(670,...,672)(C292,...,C296) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1957 "AIR / 7th Round Colombia Cycle Race" (2,1) [Photo (SPW, Vienna)] Sc(297,C298)

Colombia 1957 "50th Anniversary of the Military Cadet School" (4,2,2) [Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(673,674,C299,C300) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1957 "Father Matias Delgado Commemoration" (2,1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(675,C301)

Colombia 1957 "Centenary of the foundation of  the colombian Order of St. Vincent De Paul" (2,1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(678,C304)

Colombia 1957 "14th Universal Postal Union Congress, Ottawa and International Correspondence Week" (4,1) [Photo (SPW, Vienna)] Sc(676,677,C302,C303)

Colombia 1957 "3rd South American Fencing Championships" (2,1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(679,C332)

Colombia 1958 "International Geophysical Year" (3,1) [Photo (SPW, Vienna)] Sc(680,C309,C310)

Colombia 1958 "EXPRESS AIR MAIL" (1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(?) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1958 "Red Cross Fund" (1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(RA56)

Colombia 1958 "Father Rafael Almanza Commemoration" (3,1) [Photo (Enschedé, Haarlem)] Sc(695,C13,C314)

Colombia 1959 "Birth Centenary of R.M. Carrasquilla" (3,1) [Photo (Enschedé, Haarlem)] Sc(696,C315,C316)

Colombia 1959 "Miss Universe, 1959 Commemoration" (3,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(697,C317,C318)

Colombia 1959 "Various Designs" (7,3,3) [Litho (SPW, Bogotá)] Sc(700,...,705,C319) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1959 "Centenary of First colombian Postage stamp" (8,6,6) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(709,...,712)(C351,...,C354)  [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1959 "AIR / "40th Anniversary of the Colombian AVIANCA Air Mail Services" (2,1) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(C347,C348) [ image credit of Stampworld ] [ two MS exists with two stamps each...]

Colombia 1959 "AIR" (3,1) [Litho] Sc(C356,C356A,C356B)

Colombia 1960 "Death Centenary of Von Humbolt" (6,6,6) [Photo (SPW,Vienna) Sc(713,...,715)(C357,...,C359) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Colombia 1960 "Colombian flowers" (13,5,5) [Photo (SPW,Vienna)] Sc(716,717)(C360,...,C370)

Colombia 1960 "150th Birth Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln" (3,1) [Litho (Editorial Retina)] Sc(718,C375,C376)

Colombia 1960 "150th Anniversary of the Independence" (12,11,11) [Photo (SPW, Vienna)] Sc (719,...,721)(C377...,C385)

Colombia 1960 "St. Isidro Labrador Commemoration" (3,2,2) (Photo (SPW, Vienna)] Sc(722,723,C387) [image credit of Poppe Stamps]


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