Friday, February 13, 2015

George Hamori (1st Part : Israeli Stamps)

[Hungary][Australia] (b 1929/d?)

Born and Educated in Budapest, he spent four Years in a Concentration Camp during the WWII.. He went to Israel where he started his colaboration with the United Nations, designing stamps..Before migrating to Australia in 1956, he designed more than 50 stamps for the United Nations and the Israeli Government while living in various European countries. He established himself as a freelance art designer soon after his arrival in Sydney, and today works regularly for Qantas Airlines, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia and some large manufacturers. 


Israel 1952 "70th Anniversary of B.I.L.U. Immigration" (1) [Litho (LE,Ltd,Bat Yam)] Sc(72)

Israel 1953 "AIR MAIL" (9,9,9) [Litho (LE,Ltd,Bat Yam)] Sc(C9,...,C17) [image credit of Stampworld] [image credit of Poppe Stamps]

Israel 1953 "Jewish New Year" (3,3,3) [Photo (Government Printer, Tel Aviv)] Sc(75,...,77)

Israel 1954 "Jewish New Year" (1) [Photo (GP,Tel Aviv)] Sc(87)

Israel 1954 "20th Anniversary of the Death of De Rothschild" (1) [Photo (GP, Tel Aviv)] Sc(90)

Israel 1955 "50th Anniversary of the Teacher's Association" (1) [Photo (GP,Tel Aviv)] Sc(91)

Israel 1955 "7th Anniversary of the Independence" (1) [Litho (LE,Ltd, Bat Yam)] Sc(93)

Israel 1955 "25th Anniversary of Magen David Adom (Jewish Red Cross)" (1) [Litho (LE,Ltd, Bat Yam)] Sc(104)

Israel 1955 "Twelve Tribes of Israel" (12,12,12) [Photo (GP, Tel Aviv)] Sc(105,...,116) [image credit of Stampworld]

Israel 1956 "Einstein Commemoration" (1) [Photo (GP,Tel Aviv)] Sc(117)

Israel 1956 "30th Anniversary of  Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa" (1) [Photo (GP, Tel Aviv)] Sc(118)

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