Thursday, February 5, 2015

Edmund Bartłomiejczyk

[Poland] (b 1885/d 1950)

Bartłomiejczyk studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow  and in the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw ( 1910 - 1913 ). He taught at the Faculty of Architecture , Warsaw University of Technology ( 1917 - 1930 ). and at the School of Fine Arts (since 1932 Academy of Fine Arts ) in Warsaw, where from 1930 he led the Department of Graphic Design. He was a founding member of the "Rite" ( 1939 ) and of the Advertising Graphic Artists Association ( in 1933 - 1 939 ) .. He was mainly know by his work as illustrator ,Graphic Designer and by his works in Woodcut and lithography.. 


Poland 1919 "For Northern Poland" (12,5,4) [Typo] Sc(81,...,92) [ This same designs were later printed several times perforated)

Poland 1920 "Official Stamps" (11,1) [Litho] Sc(O1,...,O11)

Poland 1921 "New Constitution" (7,3,2) [Typo] Sc(156,...,160)

[ The issue of 1921 "New constitution",is designed by two Artists.. one of them is our own Bartłomiejczyk .. In my opinion ,he designed this two stamps, because of the simplicity of the frames, also exhibited in the issues of 1919 and 1920.. the third stamp, along with a somehow different design , presents a much more elaborated frame...
Caution is required in the use of this information, until I contact the Polish Postal Service to have more news about this 1921 Issue...]

[ It looks like this time I was right.. Those are the two Edmund Bartłomiejczyk designs.. I received this morning the Polish Postal Service Answer,, to whom I want to express my Thanks..] updated 06/02/2015 14:57

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