Thursday, February 26, 2015

Carlos Castells

[Uruguay] (b 1881/d 1933)

his work is present in the Main Uruguayan Museums.. In 1930 he won the Gold Medal of the Sevilla Iberian- American Exhibition. In addition to the illustration of several books, his drawings and paintings were usually used in Magazines and Newspapers of those days..he was also a sculptor, with several less renowned works but of  unquestionable Artistic value..Carlos Castells was a autodidact and his works show us his personal view of the world surrounding him.. he mastered specially the "Gaucho" Life Style representation and the role of the horse in this particular world...He was a source of inspiration for the work of his two nephews Enrique and Julio Castells Capurro, great Uruguayan Artists..

Biography (in Spanish)

Uruguay 1925 "Centenary of the Battle of Rincon" (2,2,1) [Litho (National Printing Works)] Sc(C9)

Uruguay 1925 "Centenary of the Battle of Serandi" (3,1) [Litho (National Printing Works)] Sc(306,...,308) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

[ This is a post that required heavy research.. there was many information about Enrique Castells Capurro, and this Artist was my first choice , because  catalogs say that the designer of these stamps was C. Capurro... in the end Enrique Capurro cannot have been the designer of the stamps because he was only 12 years old in 1925.. so I  searched  a little more and Enrique's Uncle , Carlos Castells, appeared in the equation as his mentor and inspirational figure..There was nothing about Carlos Castells until I found the article about the Castells family (presented above..) , where my doubts disappeared..  .. ]

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