Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rayko Aleksiev

[Bulgaria] (b 1893/d 1944)

 He studied literature at Sofia University and painting at the Art Academy in Sofia. With the release of his first landscape "Exhibition of Young" in 1913 Bulgarian Queen Eleonora became one of the biggest fans of his talent. That same year the artist made ​​five solo exhibitions. In 1932, he founded the weekly newspaper "Cricket" ; Rayko Alexiev himself painted all his cartoons himself wrote articles and humorous gags. The magazine was immediately a huge sucess...With its success, and often with humor , Raiko Alexiev creates many enemies and so he was imprisoned by the Soviet Regime. In March 1945 Alexiev was sentenced posthumously for "anti-Soviet" and "pro-German" propaganda of the so-called People's Court ; his property was confiscated in favor of the state, and his books were banned. After the change of the communist regime in the country in 1989 was rehabilitated. Union of Bulgarian Artists Gallery opens "Rayko Alexiev". 


Bulgaria 1920 "70th Birthday of Ivan Vasov" (6,6,6) [Photo] Sc(147,...,152)

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