Friday, December 5, 2014

Ivan Vavpotic

[Slovenia] (b 1877/d 1943)

Vavpotic was a painter , Illustrator and Scenographer.. he started his study's at Prague , in the Conservatory and them in the King's (?) Academy where he learn Landscape's Painting and Human figure composition..In 1900 he went to the Paris School of Fine Arts and then to Vienna , before returning to Prague in 1905 ... during WWI he was painter of the Army , like many other Artists from many countries, picturing and documenting the War..after the War , he soon became professor of drawing in his home land Slovenia (now a part of the State of the Slovens, Croats and Serbs..) and then he began a relation with the Opera and Drama , being a stage designer.. ; in 1919 he designed his first stamp, still for Slovenia.. his work is vast and diverse..


Slovenia 1919 "Broken Chains" (8,2,2) [Litho (I. Blaznik,Ljubljana)] Sc(3L1,...,3L8)

Slovenia 1919 "Various Designs" (15,3,3) [Typo (Government Printing Works, Ljubljana)] Sc(3L9,...,3L23) 

Slovenia 1919/1920 "Numerals" (7,7,7) [Litho (I. Blaznik,Ljubljana)(A.Reisser,Vienna)] Sc(3Lj1,...,3Lj7) (3Lj8,...,3Lj14) [there are two distinct issues of these stamps ,corresponding to two different printings.. the 1st 'Ljubljana Printing' in 1919 and the 2nd 'Vienna Printing' in 1920, and the correspondent stamps present small differences , but the Design remains basically the same..] [INC]

Slovenia 1919 "Cherub with Newspapers" (5,1) [Litho ((I. Blaznik,Ljubljana)(A.Reisser,Vienna)] Sc(3LP1,...,3LP5) (3LP6,...,3LP13) [There are two different printings , one from Ljubljana in 1919 and the other from Vienna in 1920..there are some light differences in the base design..]

Slovenia 1920 "New Currency" (14,4,4) [Litho (5p,...,1d)][Typo (2d,...,10d)] Sc(3L42,...,3L55) [INC]

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