Sunday, November 23, 2014

Torsten Schonberg

[Sweden] (b 1882/d 1970)

Torsten Schonberg (1882-1970) began his career as an illustrator cartoonist and developed the genre in a series of portraits and jokes images. His activity evolved in sports reportage and advertising .. (..) [This is the only piece of Biographical data I find about the Artist... it is Very Incomplete, of course..]


Sweden 1938 "250th Birth anniversary of E. Swedenborg" (3,1) [Recess] Sc(264,266,267)

Sweden 1938 "80tth Birthday of King Gustav V" (5,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess]  Sc(275,...,279) 

Sweden 1939 "King Gustav V and Crowns" (10,2,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(280,281)

Sweden 1939 "Death Centenary of P.H. Ling" (3,1) [Recess] Sc(290,...,292)

Sweden 1939 "Bicentenary of the Swedish Academy of Sciences" (6,2,2) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(293,...,298)

Sweden 1940 "200th birth anniversary of Tobias Von Sergel (Sculptor)" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(313,...,315)

Sweden 1941 "50th Anniversary of Skansen open-air Museum" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(319,...,321)

Sweden 1941 "Haselius (founder of Skansen Museum)" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)](Recess] Sc(323,...,325)

Sweden 1941 "St. Bridget (Founder of the Brigantine Order of Our Savior" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(326,...,328)

Sweden 1942 "150th Anniversary of Stockholm National Museum" (3,2,2) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(329,...,331)

Sweden 1942 "Centenary of the Swedish Public School System" (3,1) [Engr (Britze)][Recess] Sc(332,...,334)

Sweden 1943 "85th Birthday of King Gustav V" (4,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(338,...,341)

Sweden 1943 "50th Anniversary of the Swedish voluntary Rifle Association" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)] Sc(342,...,344)

Sweden 1943 "Birth Centenary of Montelius" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(345,...,347)

Sweden 1945 "125th Anniversary of the Saving Banks Movement" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(366,...,368)

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