Monday, November 17, 2014

Leonard Cornwall Mitchell (1st Part )

[New Zealand] (b 1901/d 1971)

Leonard Cornwall Mitchell  was a important 20th Century NZ commercial artist and graphic designer. Completed his Education in Palmerston North, then worked at the "Government Publicity Department". Designed posters, booklet covers , coins as well as over 90 NZ stamps. Father of artist and owner of Wellington's mid century "Lambton Art Galleries" Victor Leonard William Mitchell.


New Zealand 1931 "Health Stamps /The Smilling Boy" (2,1) [Die Engraver and Plates (Royal Mint , London) 1d][Die Engr (W.R. Bock) 2d][Typo (Government Printing Office, Wellington) 1d,2d] Sc(B3,B4)

New Zealand 1931 "Plane Over Lake Manapouri (AIR MAIL)" (3,1) [Plates (Royal Mint,London)][Typo (Government Printing Office)] Sc(C1,...,C3)

Cook Islands 1932 "Various Designs" (7,7,7) [Recess (Perkins & Bacon Ltd,London)] Sc(84,...,90)

New Zealand 1935 "Various Designs" (15,14,5) [Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(189,190,194,196,198)

New Zealand 1936 "21th Anniversary of ANZAC landing at Gallipoli" (2,1) [Recess (John Ash, Melbourne)] Sc(B9,B10)

New Zealand 1936 "Congress of the British Empire Chambers of Commerce" (5,5,5) [Recess (John Ash, Melbourne)] Sc(218,...,222)

Samoa 1939 "25th Anniversary of New Zealand's Control of the Mandated Territory of Western Samoa" (4,4,2) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson, Co.)] Sc(183,184)

New Zealand 1940 "Centenary of the British Sovereignty established by the Treaty of Waltangl" (13,12,3) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson,Co.)] Sc(229,234,235)

Samoa 1949 "Apia Post Office" (1) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson, Co.)] Sc(189)

New Zealand 1950 "Centenary of the Founding of Canterbury Provincial District" (5,5,1) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson, Co.)] Sc(275)

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