Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eric O.W. Ehrstrom

[Finland] (b 1881/d 1934)

Eric Otto Woldemar Ehrström  was a Finnish craftsman and ornamental artist known especially for Metalwork . He also designed jewelry, glassware, and graphic art. Ehrströn left high school and went on to study at the Finnish Art Society Drawing School in 1899 ; he then studied Metalwork and Metallurgy in  Paris from 1901-1902 and again in 1908. Ehrström designed and manufactured a variety of small metal objects such as ashtrays, magazines, bowls, vases and trays, using a variety of materials as Copper , Brass , Bronze or Pewter . In 1918 he designed the Finnish Royal Crown and in 1919 together with sculptor Emil Wikström , the industrialist Gösta Serlachius and the smith Paavo Tynell they established the Company Taito where he worked as Art Director..
 In 1924, he wrote a Art and Design Manual , a textbook for pupils in schools and Craft enthusiasts. In 1927 Eric lost his right arm in an accident, after which his wife Olga Gummerus-Ehrström , who herself was a versatile talented artist, helped him in his work.



Finland 1922 "Red Cross" (1) [Typo (State Bank Note Printing Works, Helsinki)] Sc(B1)

Finland 1930 "Red Cross Society of Finland" (3,3,3) [Typo (SBNPW, Helsinki)] Sc(B2,...,B4)

Finland 1931 "Red Cross" (3,3,3) [Recess (SBNPW, Helsinki)] Sc(B5,...,B7) [Image credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1931 "70th birthday of President Pehr Eyvind Svinhufvud" (1) [Typo (SBNPW, Helsinki)] Sc(197)

Finland 1932 "Red Cross Charity / Buildings in Helsinki" (3,3,3) [Typo (SBNPW, Helsinki)] Sc(B9,...,B11) [Image credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1933 " Red Cross Charity / Bishops" (3,3,3) [Recess (SBNPW, Helsinki)] Sc(B12,...,B14) [Image credit of StampWorld 

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