Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maria Keil

[Portugal] (b 1914 / d 2012)

Attended the Lisbon Fine Arts School in 1929 ... Made the first exhibition in Lisbon 1939.. Her work is vast and diverse.. painting, drawing , illustration, tiles, ceramics, graphic design, tapestry, etc ... Starting in the end of the 50's , her work with tiles brought modern elements that contributed to a renovation of this branch of Art in Portugal.. Illustration of Children literature and renown Portuguese Authors was the field of work that remained more constant through out the years ; Having won some prizes during her career , Maria Keil was awarded in 1980 with the Military Order of 'Santiago da Espada'..

Portugal 1940 "VIII Cent of the Foundation and III Cent of the Restoration of the Independence"  (8,1,2) [Des (Alberto de Sousa $40,1$75)(Jaime Barata $10,$80)(Henrique Franco $15,$35)][Intaglio (Renato de Sousa Araujo $15,$35)(José Armando Pedroso)] Sc(589,593)

Portugal 1962 "10th International Congress of Pediatrics, Lisbon" (4) [Litho (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(891,...,894)

Portugal 1968 "30th Anniversary of the work of 'Mothers for National Education'" (3) [Litho (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(1022,...,1024)

Portugal 1975 "International Women's Year" (4) [Litho (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(1273,...,1276)

Some images are credit of José Carlos Tavares
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