Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Achille Ouvré

[France] (b 1872 /d 1951)

mostly known by the illustration of numerous books trough out the first half of the XX Century ,Ouvré was a Wood Engraver and made preferentially portraits of Artists and Historical personalities. Made his first stamp at the age of 62 and was fond of rigor, accuracy and attention to the minimal detail in the preparation of his works...


France 1934 "Joseph Marie Jacquard" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(295) 

France 1934 "4th Cent of the Arrival of Jacques Cartier to Canadá" (2,2,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(296,297)

France 1934 "1st Flight across the English Channel by Louis Blériot" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio]  Sc(C7) 

France 1935 "50th Anniversary of the Death of Victor Hugo" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(303) 

France 1935 "3rd Cent of the Foundation of the French Academy" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(304)

France 1935 "300th Anniversary of the Death of Jacques Callot (Engraver)" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(305) 

France 1935/1936 "To the Art and Thought" (2,2,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B43) 

France 1936 "Airplane over Paris" (8,1,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(C8,...,C14) 

France 1936/1937 "Help for the Refugees" (2,1,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B44,B45) 

France 1936 "Jaurès Commemoration" (2,2,2) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(313,314) [image Credit of StampWorld]

France 1936 "For the Unemployed Intellectuals" (4,4,2) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B48,B50) 

Ivory Coast 1936/1944 "Culture , Views and Costumes" (41,4,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Recess] Sc(119,...,128)

 France 1937 "13th Congress of Railroad,Paris" (2) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(327,328) 

France 1937/1939 "Public Health Work" (2) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] SC(B64,B65) 

France 1938/1941 "Clement Ader (Air Pioneer)" (3,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(348) 

France 1938 "Jean De La Fontaine" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(351) 

France 1939 "Paul Cezanne(Painter)" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(370) 

France 1939 "23rd Anniversary of the Battle of Verdun" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(392) 

France 1939 "Sites Et Monuments 'Bridge at Lyons' " (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(395) 

Cameroons 1939 "150th Anniversary of French Revolution" (5,1,1) [Photo/Design][Typo/Frames and Lettering (Vaugirard, Paris)] Sc(B2,...,B6) [image Credit of StampWorld]

Monaco 1939 "Charity / Personalities" (10,10,2) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B31,B34)

France 1940 "War Charities" (4,4,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B98) 

France 1940 "George Guynemer -WWI Ace-" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(398) 

France 1941 "Marshall Petain National Relief Fund" (2) [Engr (Achille Ouvrer)][Intaglio] Sc(B112) 

France 1941 "Arms of Various City's (Lyon)" (12,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B124)

France 1942 "Birth Centenary of Emmanuel Chabrier (Composer)" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] SC(B131)

France 1942 "Arms of various city's (Nice) " (12,12,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B102)

France 1943 "Lavoisier" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(464) [painting from Jacques Louis David]

France 1943 "Celebrities" (6,6,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B166) [image is credit of StampWorld]

France 1945 "Fresh Air Crusade" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B194)

France 1945 "Oradour/ June 1944" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B195)

France 1946 "XV Century Celebreties / Jean Gerson" (6,6,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B211) [Image credit of StampWorld]

Germany 1946 " Goete, Schiller & Heine" (3,3,3) [Intaglio (Achille Ouvré)] Sc(8NB9,8NB10,8NB11) [Image credit of StampWorld]

France 1947 "XII UPU Congress, Paris" (4,4,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(581)

France 1947 "Auguste Pavie /Pioneer of French colonization of Laos" (1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(585)

France 1948 "1848 Revolution / Louis Auguste Blanqui" (8,8,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(B229) [Image credit of StampWorld]

Monaco 1948 "Olympic Games Wembley, London" (9,9,1) [Engr (Pierre Gandon)][Intaglio] Sc(CB8) [image credit of StampWorld]

France 1949 "International Congress of Telephone and Telegraph" (4,4,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] Sc(625)

France 1951 "XIX Century Celebrities / Talleyrand" (6,6,1) [Engr (Achille Ouvré)][Intaglio] SC(B262) INC

there are some images missing..

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