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Antonio Monteiro Ramalho

[Portugal] [b 1859/d 1916]

"Marinha" (1880)

António Monteiro Ramalho Júnior was born in Barqueiros in 1858. At a very early age, he went to live in Oporto where he worked as a servant at a groceries’ shop. In his youth, he decided to move to Lisbon and enroll at the Fine-Arts Royal Academy, where he became a pupil of Tomás da Anunciação and Silva Porto. In 1879, he applied for a scholarship, being overrun by Henrique Pousão. Together with Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, equally left out on another competition, they organized an exhibit at the Press Association, in 1880. Two years later, funded by the Marquis of Praia and Monforte he went to Paris to study, and became apprentice of Cabanel. In 1883 he debuted at the “Salon de Paris” with the canvas Chez mon voisin (O Lanterneiro). From the French capital he sent many paintings for the exhibits at “Grupo do Leão”, Salon he helped to establish, and drawings to the journals O Occidente and A Crónica Ilustrada. Returning to Lisbon in 1884, he succeeded has an interior decorator, often cooperating with João Vaz; in this line of work, we point out the decors at the staircase of the Palácio da Bolsa (Oporto), his work at the Hotel Barahona (Évora) and at the Palace Hotel of Buçaco. He presented many works at the Grupo do Leão Salon, at the “Sociedade Promotora das Belas Artes”, “Grémio Artístico” and at the “Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes”. He also presented some work at the “Exposicion General de Bellas Artes” at Madrid in 1881 and at the “Salon de Paris” in 1883, 85 and 86. He was named “Académico de Mérito” of the Lisbon’s Academy in 1887. He died at Figueira da Foz in 1916, when he was still painting interior sets at the Sotto Mayor Palace. One year later, a major retrospective exhibit of his work was presented in Lisbon.

Biography and Photo :

1895 "VII Cent. Of the Birth of St. Anthony" (15,4,3) [Typo] Sc(132,...,141) 

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