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Joseph De La Néziere

[France] (b 1873/ d 1944)

French painter.. during his travels through North Africa , he became an Orientalist Artist.. in 1910, was commissioned to illustrate the stamps of the North Africa French Colonies. Died in Casablanca.

 Guinea 1913/1932 "Fort at Kitm" (42,1,1) [Engr (M.J. Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(63,...,104)

Ivory Coast  1913/1935 "River Scene" (36,1,1) [E. Froment)][Typo] Sc(42,...,77)

Mauritania 1913/1938 "Crossing the Desert" (37,1,1) [Engr (J.Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(18,...,54)

Polynesia 1913/1930 "Culture and Costumes" (34,3,3) [Engr (H. Lemasson)][Typo] Sc(21,...,54)

Senegal 1914/1930 "Preparing Food" (44,1,1) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Typo] Sc(79,...,122)

Upper Senegal and Niger 1914/1917 "Camel and rider" (17,1,1) [Engr (E. Froment)][Typo] Sc(18,...,34)

Morocco 1917 "Parcel Post stamps" (11,1,1) [Engr (Ch. Crespelle)][Typo] Sc(Q1,...,Q11)

Morocco 1917 "Monuments" (17) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Intaglio] Sc(58) INC

Morocco 1917/1926 "Postage Due" (8) [Engr (Ch. Crespelle)][Typo] Sc(J27,...,J34)

Morocco 1922/1927 "Flight over Casablanca" (11,1) [Photo] Sc(C4,C6,C7,C10a)

Morocco 1923/1927 "Morocco Monuments" (26) [Engr (Helio Vaugirard, Paris)][Intaglio] Sc(90,...,115) INC

France 1930 "1931 International Colonial Exhibition, Paris" (5) [Engr: Helio Vaugirard, Paris][Photo] Sc(262)

Cameroon 1931 "1931 International colonial Exhibition,Paris" (4,4,1) [Recess] Sc(213) [Common Design repeated in all the French colonies, with the substitution of the country Label]

Cameroon 1938 "Anti Cancer Fund" (1) [Engr (J. Piel)][Recess] Sc(?) [Common Design repeated in all the French Colonies ,with the substitution of the country Label]

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